Product Camp Dublin


On behalf of the Product Management community, we thank our Product Camp Dublin 2017 headline supporters – DITTechnology Ireland Software Skillnet, and Workday.


And our core supporters Udemy, SwrveNitroFineos and Pragmatic Marketing:


Headline Sponsors Details


 DIT – Home to the world’s only MSc in Product Management.

The Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Science Degree in Product Management have been designed specifically to meet the needs of organisations in the digital media sector. The programmes draw on the expertise of leading academics, international experts, recognised industry practitioners and the latest research to deliver a unique learning opportunity for software and digital technology companies.

The programmes are aimed at product managers who have a number of years experience in the software and digital media sector. Candidates are likely to be in positions of significant responsibility. They will currently be engaged in a product management role and already competent in the technical aspects of software development processes and methods.


Technology Ireland Software Skillnet

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is the National Training Network for the Software Technology sector in Ireland. The Network receives government funding under the Skillnets Training Networks Programme to support firms in the sector with grant-aided training and education programmes.

The mission of the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is to enable companies with software technology functions, to remain highly competitive, by facilitating active talent development and continuous up-skilling for staff.

The network was established as a strategic initiative of the Technology Ireland in 2006.



This year Workday, winner of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, are also in on the fun (one of their core values) as a headline sponsor. 


We’re positively disrupting the enterprise software industry through the hard work and pioneering spirit of our amazing employees. We’re committed to bringing passion and customer focus to the business of enterprise applications. We work hard, and we’re serious about what we do. But we like to have a good time, too. In fact, we run our company with that principle in mind every day: One of our core values is fun.  For more information on Careers in Dublin see here.

Core Sponsors Details

Standard Nitro Logo

A global leader in document productivity, Nitro helps the world work smarter with documents. As the first and leading replacement for Adobe® Acrobat®, we’re the only enterprise-grade PDF solution that allows users to quickly and easily create, edit, convert, sign, and share documents on any device.

By equipping teams with best-in-class document solutions, we help businesses increase productivity, improve document security, and reduce printing needs. As a result, more than 650,000 businesses—including over half of the Fortune 500—rely on Nitro every day.

Founded in Australia in 2005, Nitro’s roots now span across the globe with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Dublin, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia. For more information on our team and the Nitro difference, visit



Fineos provides core software solutions to the Life, Accident & Health industry.

At FINEOS, our vision is simple – to create a world where protection from illness, injury and loss is accessible to everyone. Our role in helping to accomplish this is by providing insurers with superior technology solutions that enable them to care for the people that they serve.          



Mobile Marketing Engagement Platform – Know and Personally Interact With Every Mobile User

Brands and consumers have entered a new era of interaction. Now, the relationship lives in the moment—on the go, happening every second of the day.

Swrve is marketing for that mobile world. With offices spanning the globe, our reach is universal—we touch billions of mobile devices, impacting consumers worldwide. Word by word, conversation by conversation, we are changing the way we think about marketing. Because relationships don’t happen in a boardroom. They happen in a bar, at the beach or in the backseat of an Uber. They grow wherever life exists.

And that’s where we make a difference.



 At Udemy, we’re improving lives through learning.

Join millions of students and instructors in the world’s largest online learning marketplace.

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors.


Practical Training. Proven Results

Pragmatic Marketing has trained over 100,000 product management and marketing professionals, helping them tune into how to build, market and launch products. For more information, please visit

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship for 2017 is now closed.  Next year join our sponsors and support your product management community who are building market-led innovation in Ireland.