Product Camp Dublin

Session Ideas from 2015

Here are some of the sessions that were proposed for Product Camp Dublin 2015:

5B – SaaS conversion
How to maximise your SaaS conversion rates. An opportunity to swap ideas.
5A – Fitting One Product to Many Markets
Panel Discussion:
– Ruth MacPartlin, Founder, aPperbook
– John Maguire, Chief Strategy Office, S3 Group
– Glen Holmes, Senior Product Manager, The TAS GroupProducts are built for customers in different markets with varying needs, abilities and priorities.
How do you build, internationalize and localize a product to these anomalies?
How do you build a product management organization that can understand and respond the varying market needs?
4A – Does Stagegate Work?
4B – Build Great Products by Impact Mapping
4A – Doing Usability – A Practical Step By Step Approach
Some development teams think usability testing a waste of time. But never after they’ve done it.

You want to know:
1.Does the functionality, as implemented, solve the customer needs elegantly?
2.If not, where are they getting stuck?

So how can you do usability?
This session answers the following questions:

How Do I Choose What To Test?
When Should I Do Usability Testing?
Who Do I Need For Usability Testing?
How Should The Testing Location Be Set Up?
How Do I Collect Data & Measure Usability?
And Finally How Do I Analyse The Usability Output?

5B – Who’s who and why – project role definition and relationships
Successful project delivery relies on people with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the project.

In that context how does a Product Owner relate to a Project Manager? Or the Business Analyst or the Leads for UX, Design and Technology?

Can you have 2 Product Owners on a single project? Do you need a steering group? How do Business Leads fit in? So many questions….

This is an open for discussion session with some thoughts from me as an experienced Digital Project Manager who has worked with great people across the spectrum of specialisations.

5A – Product messaging from failure to success
Panel Discussion
– Bob Tait, Channel Demand Creation Management, Xilinx
– Aileen Carville, Managing Director, Canvas PR
– Paula Hatch, Senior Product Manager, Udemy
– John Healy, Head of Product Management & Marketing, Crowdflow.ioInternally you have engineered a great product. There is a large target market for your product. Great, but your target customers aren’t aware of your existence or even worse, they are aware of your existence but do not understand what you do.
This session is a panel discussion with audience interaction. The panel will share their thoughts and you can ask questions or share a problem that you have with your product messaging
5B – Breakthrough Innovation with Jobs-To-Be-Done
Do we really know what customers value and need?
Unfortunately, traditional approaches to customer and product segmentation introduce a lot of noise but give us only marginal insights about what customers are trying to accomplish (i.e. their “job”) and what causes them to “hire” our products or services.As a consequence, most of us resort to incremental innovation to satisfy well-understood — but often over-served — market needs. Life goes on until, inevitably, we fade into oblivion or a new player outlearns and disrupts us.

This session will introduce a viable approach to deal with the “fuzzy front-end” using Job-To-Be-Done theory and emerging strategies to create solid opportunities for breakthrough innovation.

5A – Form & Function: UX & Product Management
Panel Discussion:
– Graham Fallon, Product Strategy Director, Oracle (Moderator)
– Matthew Ovington, Director of Product Design, Paddy Power
– Hannah Doyle, Head of Design, LIKECHARITY Connect
– Jonathan Geoghegan, Head of Product, Oxygen8 GroupHow do product managers and UX people work together to create great products?
What should the product manager expect from UX and vice versa?
Who is responsible for user experience?
How should an organization divide the roles & responsibilities?
If you could only hire one person, should you hire UX or product management?
4A – How to stop Sales selling non-existant features
How to stop sales guys talking about non-existent features that they think are crucial to closing a deal
4B – Product Management in Startups
Challenges in getting product discipline into a startup
5A – From industrial design to design thinking
This session will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools behind design thinking and takes you through steps in the design process. These steps are fundamental to reducing the risk involved in your new venture.

I’ll see you there.

Find a short video from my on-line course on design thinking here:

Have fun!

5B – Competencies for Product Management
Join Clare Conway VP Product Management, Clavis Insight, Mary Ryan, Founder, Product Innovator Ltd and Claire McBride, Director of Product Management programmes, DIT in a discussion session on defining competencies for your product management team
4A – Growth Hacking
An interactive session covering:

  1. What is growth hacking
  2. B to B examples
  3. B to C examples
  4. Get the floor to talk about their BIGGEST Sales & Marketing issue; Ill then facilitate an audience collaboration on how to address those specific issues.