Product Camp Dublin

Session Ideas from 2014

Here are some of the sessions proposed for Product Camp Dublin 2014:

1. Growth hacking.. without big marketing budgets

  • No product … No problem: how to explore the commercial potential of your idea
  • Be the Customer Expert: Online tools to reveal key actionable insights
  • Generate Awareness & Consideration without a media budget: Content marketing tools
  • Analytics: Google Analytics to evaluate how all your marketing is working towards ROI

Town-hall led by: John Healy is the founder of KindCitizen, a niche content-marketing software that enables consumer-brands to generate sales from people who share local non-profit events on-line. John was Product Marketing Manager at CNN Digital. He worked as a “Mad-Man” for 15 years with large ad agencies in New York. He also lectures on “Analytics” and “Strategy” at the Digital Marketing Institute.

2. The importance of innovation in tech companies … but how do you manage all those ideas??

  • How do you encourage people to think about innovation?
  • What do you do with all the ideas that are generated?
  • How do you ensure your precious company resources are working on projects that will support your growth strategy?
  • What criteria should you use to help prioritize?

Town-hall led by: Siobhan Maughan is Openet’s former VP of Product Management and he is now Founder of Integrated Thinking a Product Management consultancy that supports companies to deliver on their growth strategy through an effective product-oriented approach.


3. Perfect your elevator pitch
Most entrepreneurial or elevator pitches last for up to 60 seconds. During this time you need to tell a short and interesting story about who you are, why you’re there, how your product or service is going to benefit the user, what you can bring to the table, what investment you’re looking for in exchange for a percentage equity, and most of all, what return on investment you predict.
This workshop is an opportunity for a few people to present and perfect their pitch with guidance and feedback from an expert.

If you want to be one of the people to pitch, email sessions at

Workshop facilitated by: Catherine Moonan of Communication Matters has created a workshop to help individuals to tailor their pitch to their target audience, structure their content in a story format and finally, to focus on the delivery of their pitch. After all, it’s not necessarily what you say, it’s how you say it! The delivery of your pitch accounts for 93% of the impact of your message. Catherine is the Pitch Coach with RTÉ’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ and provides ‘Pitch Perfect’ workshops for UCD’s Innovation Academy, DCU’s Ryan Academy, DIT’s Hothouse and 7 New Frontiers Programmes in the Institutes of Technology around Ireland.


4. Requirements prioritisation – A balanced approach

  • Finding out what customers really need: requirements analysis techniques
  • All requirements are important, but some more important than others: how to categorise requirements
  • A balanced approach: manage your portfolio of requirements to aid scope management and ensure optimal product release features

Town-hall led by: Glen Holmes is a Product Manager at FINEOS


5. The product management toolkit

Discover the good, the bad and the ugly of tools such as Jira, Rally, ProdPad etc. from experienced practitioners, innovators and tool creators.
Find out which tools deliver the best outcomes
Ask the questions that you need answered
Panel discussion moderated by: Graham Fallon, Oracle. Panel includes: Ed Kilbane, Mastercard Labs; Clare Conway, Clavis Technology; Aidan Sliney, Soundwave; Danielle McVeigh, Qualtrics


6. Voice of the customer: getting right to the heart of your customer needs

Voice of the Customer insights can be incredibly valuable to your business, but it’s not always easy to get at the insights. Typically voice of the customer meetings with customers are devalued and damaged by unproductive behaviours, poor preparation, unanticipated customer reactions, and no clear picture of exactly what outcomes are of most value to both parties. In this workshop we’ll focus on the following key aspects:

  • What does a Voice of the Customer meeting actually involve?
  • Why does expert knowledge sometimes get in the way?
  • What’s the best way to manage interpretation and biases in the conversation?
  • What should you do when customers hijack your agenda?

Workshop led by: Justin Kinnear and Fabio Grassi are co-founders of The Talent Factory, a specialist organisation focused on the full development of human potential in organisations. Both have deep expertise and industry experience in the ICT sector having worked with both global and indigenous ICT companies in a range of solution areas over the last 20 years.


7. Product Management and the Sales Team… Why can’t we all just get along?

The role of the product manager generally in the organization
The pressures faced by the sales team
The price is too high? Really?
The various economic and cultural tensions
Is some level of tension, in fact, a good thing?
Town-hall led by: Paul Donnelly, Executive Vice President – Europe, Middle East & Africa at Munich Re is a product manager of 20 years who currently runs a sales team.


8. What’s the story with Product Marketing?

Product marketing isn’t a real job, it’s just a sub task for a product manager
Managing the areas of conflict with product management, it doesn’t all just come together.
The end of the data sheet and the rise of content marketing, linking all go to market activity with transparent engagement and lead generation metrics
Town-hall led by: Oisin O’Connor is director of product marketing at Openet where he is responsible for the market strategy, positioning and go to market execution for a global telecoms software company. He brings 20 years of commercial experience across B2B marketing, product marketing, product development and product management through leadership roles with eMobile/Meteor, 3 UK, 3 Australia and IDA Ireland.


9. Existing Market, New Product

Considerations for success when creating a new product to enter an existing market (i.e. one with a defined buyer ‘need’ & established vendors).

Market disruption is your friend. Mostly.
The importance of timing (market entry, feature sequencing, launch announcements,…).
Good research = future-proofed architecture
Standing out from the crowd
Town-hall led by: Eoin Kirwan is VP of Product Management at FINEOS, a global market leader in core insurance technology for the Group Life, Accident and Health industry.