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Sessions at Product Camp Dublin are volunteered by You, the Participants!

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At a ProductCamp Dublin, unlike a normal conference, the schedule is created on the day in real-time based on your votes.

We’re hoping to see lots of you offering to lead sessions.

No need to be intimidated – see how it works below in the sections on

  • Suggested Sessions
  • Suggested Session Themes
  • Suggested Session Types
  • Chat With Us About Suggested Sessions

Suggested Sessions

Remember sessions can be offered on the day so come armed with ideas, slides, speakers, opinions or issues that you would like to discuss with others.

See the Suggested sessions on Feature Upvote here

Suggested Session Themes

The following themes have proven successful at Product Camps worldwide:

  • Opportunity Analysis – Market Research, Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Business Case, Market Problems, Capturing the Market Language, etc.
  • Product Strategy – Business Planning, Whole Product, Roadmaps, Portfolio Planning, Resource Allocation, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation –Start-Up, Market / Tech Trends (e.g. social, mobile, big data, gamification), Customer & Partner Engagement, Intellectual Property Rights, etc.
  • Requirements Definitions – MRD, PRD,  Elicitation, Advisory Groups, Personas, Use Cases, Prioritization, etc.
  • Product Delivery – Agile Processes, Market Testing, Product Design, User Experience, Testing/QA, Beta Tests, Offshore/Nearshore Dev, etc.
  • Day in the Life – Place in the Org, Roles Definitions, Hiring Challenges, Networking & Career Development, Small v. Big Company, PM Tools, Role Models, etc.
  • Go-to-Market – Launch Plans, Launch Readiness, Market Strategy, Marketing Plan, Pricing, Positioning, Messaging,  Channel Partners, Sales Enablement, etc.
  • Marketing Execution – Demand Gen, Events, PR, Advertising, Social Media, Collateral, Sales Tools, Sales Pipeline, Channel Mgmt, Marketing Metrics, etc.
  • Product Lifecycle Management – Portfolio Analysis, Crossing the Chasm, Brand Mgmt, Product Performance Metrics,  Divestment, Customer Retention, Repositioning, etc

Suggested Session Types

Don’t worry if you don’t like big crowds, we’ve got rooms suitable for small discussions. Equally, if you only get out of the bed for 100 people, we accommodate that format too.

Structure a proposed session however you wish. These three formats that have been well received at previous ProductCamps:

  • Round Table – The Session Leader chooses a topic, introduces the topic and chairs the discussion. Discussions centre as much as possible on sharing the experience and views among the group.
  • Town Hall – The Session Leader gives a short presentation on their chosen topic and then opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.
  • Panel – The Session Leader organises a panel comprising a number of people qualified to talk about the subject of the session, preferably from diverse or even counterpoint perspectives or roles.  The session leader identifies and invites speakers in advance and moderates the discussion leaving lots of time for discussion by all or questions from the floor. We can also help you fill your panel on the day!

Every session has a ProductCamp Dublin monitor there to help, guide, and support session leaders.

Chat To Us About Suggested Sessions

If you have any questions about leading a session please email: