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Most Useful Session – ProductCamp 2018

As we say adieu to ProductCamp Dublin 2018, here are those session leaders who won most votes from you.  Well done to Felicity, Kevin and Ciara, and to all sessions leaders so generously sharing their knowledge with the community.   Many thanks also to Pragmatic Marketing for sponsorship of the prize.

The Power of Design Sprints

Session Leader: Felicity Neary (thanks to Glen for presenting the prize).

Prioritization – Deciding what to build next

Session Leader: Kevin Jackson (04 May)

Find a Product Management Mentor / Mentee

Session Leader: Ciara McDaniel (24 Apr)



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Product Management Jobs Board

Dear Participants,

For those of you whose organizations have open product management positions. Here is an opportunity:

  • Bring an A4 sized print out the jobs to put up on the jobs board.
  • Use large font so potential candidates can photograph the ad.
  • Include a QR code link to the role online.

Please include the following headings:

  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Description of Role
  • QR Code: (optional)

Speed Mentor Matching

Research shows that mentoring contributes to career development (and reduces mortality rates).  Give a little back (maybe 1 hour a month) or gain thoughtful feedback from experienced product management professionals by getting involved in mentoring by => filling in this form.

A core aspect of successful mentoring is personality fit so there’s a session on speed mentoring matching suggested for Thursday week.

(See also sponsorship which is different from mentoring.)

This session is brought to you by community member, Ciara McDaniel, a ProductCamp Dublin community member.

Product Managers – Who Supports You?

There’s more to career and skills development than just ‘leaning in’.

Your direct manager, the company culture and the broader economy all have a role to play, as you play your role seeking out and delivering profitable solutions to real customer problems.  Enabling skill development takes resources.  Amongst those resources are; your time and access to knowledge.   In 2018 access to knowledge via ProductCamp Dublin 2018 is enabled by a hard working voluntary committee, and these organizations.

On behalf of the Product Management community, we thank our Product Camp Dublin 2018 headline supporters – DIT, Technology Ireland Software Skillnet, and Logi Analytics, and all our core sponsors, many of whom support ProductCamp Dublin year after year.

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Headline Sponsors



The National Training Network For Companies in the Software Technology Sector

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet, the National Training Network for companies in the software technology sector, sponsor ProductCamp Dublin again in 2018.  Avid supporters of product managers in the tech sector, their collaboration with DIT led to grant-aid available for this course for Software Skillnet member companies enabling them to save 25% on the fees. More on programmes and grant-support here.

Technology Ireland Software Skillnet is led by Technology Ireland within Ibec, it provides support for companies with software and technology functions to enhance skills and boost competitiveness.


 DIT – Home to the World’s only MSc in Product Management.

The Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Science Degree in Product Management have been designed specifically to meet the needs of organisations and drive best practice performance.. The programmes draw on the expertise of leading academics, international experts, recognised industry practitioners and the latest research to deliver a unique learning opportunity for software and digital technology companies.

“ SAP is already a market leader in software development and research, but I wanted to gain first-hand experience of how to do things absolutely correctly – learn from the experience of the world’s best practitioners, while simultaneously informing myself for my discussions with the SAP ‘Go to Market’ team.” 

Jayanta Roy: Product Manager SAP

The programmes are aimed at product managers who have a number of years experience in the software and digital media sector. Candidates are likely to be in positions of significant responsibility. They will currently be engaged in a product management role and already competent in the technical aspects of software development processes and methods.


Logi Analytics, Embedded Analytics Development Platform

We’re delighted to announce a new headline sponsor enabling the product management community in Dublin. Create, deploy, and constantly improve analytic applications that engage users and drive revenue with Logi Analytics. You focus on building the best applications for your users, while Logi gets you there faster and keeps you competitive.

Giving users the ability to create their own view of the world and see what’s really important to them is a key strength.

Michael Simmons, Senior Vice-President Technology, Neuberger Berman Alternatives

You can find samples of Logi Analytics in applications (and more) here.

Core Sponsors

Altify is the digital sales transformation software company, helping sales teams win the opportunities that matter, grow revenue in their key accounts and improve sales execution with guided selling. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify helps salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained revenue growth and sales success. Customers include: Autodesk, Bell Canada, Brocade, BT, GE, Honeywell, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, UnitedHealthcare, Optum, Salesforce and Software AG. Find out more at


Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have selected Workday. 

 Workday would be delighted to welcome you to their first Product Management Open House at Workday – June 20thFirst and foremost, this event is an opportunity to learn how Workday do Product Management, showcasing product, practices and methodologies they leverage to keep working with innovation and agility, day after day.  This will also be an opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking where you can learn about the diverse types of Product Management strategies across industries.    => Sign Up Here



Feature Upvote lets your customers openly suggest and “upvote” improvements to your product, helping you choose where to spend your resources.

This year ProductCamp Dublin is using Feature Upvote for suggested sessions.  Test drive it yourself and see how your customers experience suggesting and voting for features.  There’s more on why Feature Upvote is sponsoring Product Camp Dublin here.



Learn to build and market products people actually buy.

Pragmatic Marketing is a long term Product Camp Dublin support and has trained over 100,000 product management and marketing professionals, helping them tune into how to build, market and launch products. For more information, please visit  And don’t miss their annual product management survey which includes data about product management in Ireland.

Standard Nitro Logo

At Nitro, they have a unique culture that believes in building the right thing, the right way.  and we’re delighted to have them as a returning sponsor of ProductCamp Dublin.   In 2005, Nitro disrupted the PDF industry by offering the first and leading alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Today, they’re an award-winning global leader in document productivity, digital transformation, and change management. And just getting started....

Nitro makes documents smarter. 


Balsamiq Wireframes (formerly Balsamiq Mockups) are excited about the opportunity to sponsor the event!  The maker of the industry-leading rapid wireframing software is a long term supporter of the community that is ProductCamp Dublin.

Balsamiq Wireframes (formerly Balsamiq Mockups) is the industry-leading rapid wireframing software that combines the comfort and simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool, so your work is easier to share, modify, and get honest feedback on. Wireframes look like sketches, so stakeholders won’t get distracted by little details, and can focus on what’s important instead.

Balsamiq is available for Desktop, as a hosted web service, or as a plugin for Google Drive, Confluence and Jira.

Why Attend ProductCamp?

As A Participant As An Employer
Benefit from the peer-learning experience that ProductCamp was designed to deliver. Learn about product management from fellow professionals in parallel sectors – bring home ‘next practice’ ideas.
Work “on” your job as opposed to “in” it – invest in yourself and your productivity. ProductCamp is curated for product people by product people.
Learn about new and emerging techniques – smarter, not harder approaches. Get access to new methods, models and processes.
Make new contacts and renew existing ones. Get a sense of how product management within your organization compares and learn where to take it next.
Build a connection over lunch or coffee with a new; mentor, supplier, prospect…. Get acquainted with your alter (product management) ego – start-ups to high growth organizations to complex enterprises.
Break out of your comfort zone – share some of your hard-earned wisdom. Gain an insider’s view of internationally proven ideas and strategies.
Take the opportunity to unlearn or relearn. Learn fast from people who’ve already made the mistakes you want to avoid – how many books and articles are languishing in a virtual or actual pile?
Spend an afternoon with like-minded, and maybe even some contrarian, individuals. Get your team together to address specific, relevant areas of learning, that you would never otherwise get to, with the normal day to day workloads and competing priorities.
Attend or suggest specific topics of interest to get practical advise and learn from the experience of others who have faced the same problem. Maximise your company’s product management capabilities.

There’s more Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Panel Discussion At ProductCamp