ProductCamp Dublin

Talk Tables for 2019

Starting from 10am on Thursday morning 6th June:

Glen Holmes, Senior Product Manager at Workday, and winner of Product Camp’s Best Session in past years will host a discussion on “The need for a clear Product Management approach to remain organised, structured, planned, on-point, strategic and sane” based on work he has previously, and is currently, undertaking.

Paul Donnelly, Executive Vice President, EMEA, Munich Re, will offer his experiences, over the last 20 years on managing Product Management Departments in various different sized organisations on “Where does Product Management fit into an organisation, and how to get it to a dedicated SMT/C-level function”

Mary Ryan, Product Strategy Manager, Fenergo and experienced Trainer in Product Management, will discuss the ‘The role of Market Intelligence in Product Management’, looking at typically what market and competitor analysis PMs do, or don’t do, and the impact of this info on M&A activity, new business lines.. and where it should sit, if not in PM?

Claire McBride, Senior Lecturer TU Dublin and Chair of the Product Management programme at the College of Business, with 30-years of Product Management experience, will offer insight on “So you’re a Product Manager(?) – Tips on dealing with Imposter Syndrome and how to make it look like you are not panicking

Keep an eye out for our agenda which will be available on the day after session voting at Sched

An outline schedule is shown below:

10:00 AM Registration & Talk Tables
11:00 AM Introduction to Product Camp & Sponsors
11:30 AM Session 30 Second Pitches
12:00 PM Session Voting & Lunch
1:00 PM Parallel Sessions 1
2:00 PM Parallel Sessions 2
2:50 PM Coffee & Chat
3:20 PM Parallel Sessions 3
4:20 PM Parallel Sessions 4
5.10 PM Awards Voting
5.30 PM ProductParty & Awards @ The Jar

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