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Innovation At ProductCamp 2017

Product Management Talk Tables

In addition to the regular afternoon sessions, this year we are introducing the concept of ‘Table Talks’ during lunch time (which starts at 12pm).  Check out the list of knowledgeable hosts & product management topics to see what you want to chat about over the free lunch.

For more on ‘talk tables’ reach out to the lead organizer Mary Ryan.

  • Value Propositions – Siobhan Maughan
  • Game Storming – Derval Kennedy
  • Portfolio Management – Heather Mangan
  • Design Thinking – Fred Raguillat
  • Prioritising Requirements Backlog – Noel Tate
  • Product Launch – Oisin O’Connor
  • Market and Competitor Analysis – Aisling Mackey
  • User Testing – Michael Heraghty

Jobs Board –  Product Camp Connections That Matter

We’re aware that folks have built career moves that started with a Product Camp conversation.  This new initiative is driven by the demand for connecting companies in Ireland with product management candidates who have the right ‘product-market’ fit through their expertise and experience.  All you have to do is to print out your A4 job spec and be at our jobs board area from 12pm on the 15th of June.

So we’re making available a physical jobs’ board to which you can add your product management open positions.  Please bring along an A4-sized printout of your job (we have no printing facilities on the day).  We suggest you use larger font size so potential new hires can take a photo of the position but feel free to be creative within the A4 size!

We have the connections that matter and this job board provides the perfect opportunity to find the product talent you are looking for!  For support on this initiative connect with Madrie Scott.

Author: Jane Morgan

B2B Technology Marketing Consultant - Helping you understand and reach customers.

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