ProductCamp Dublin

Session Information

1:45 PM – Parallel Sessions 1

Room Session
A5 IBM Design Thinking Workshop
with Fred Raguillat
B5 Doing Scrum, Being Agile, Getting
Lean with Macdara Butler
C4 Becoming A Great Product Manager
– The View From Above
with Mary Ryan and Simon Pepper
D4 Do you really understand your end
user environment – are
you solving for the RIGHT problem?
with Barry Magee
E4 Value co-creation For Product
Managers: Strategic Partnerships
around Open Innovation with
Dejan Cusic

2:45 PM – Parallel Sessions 2

Room Session
A5 Customer Journey Mapping Workshop:
Create, & Learn How To Create,
Customer Journeys with Jane E Morgan
B5 Just say No.. Why saying no to a
$1.5m deal was the best decision
we made with Glen Holmes
C4 Product Management: A strategic
discipline or a random collection
of practices? with Claire Mc Bride
D4 Engaging your customer in the
product roadmap with Emer Liston,
Aoife Skelly, Graham Fallon,
Brendan Dillon and Stephen Sherwin
E4 Optimising Sprints with a 3:2:1
Ratio with Noel Tate

3:30 PM – Coffee and chat

4:15 PM – Parallel Sessions 3

Room Session
A5 The Effects Good Onboarding
with Andrea Saez
B5 Continuous Innovation &
Change with PopcornFlow with
Claudio Perrone
C4 Roadmaps: the journey to great
product with Caroline Hynes
D4 Sales Channels and Go-to-market –
Implications for Product
Management with Donagh Kiernan
E4 Exponential Organizations and
Product Strategy -Brendan Dillon

5:10 PM – Parallel Sessions 4

Room Session
A5 Transparency: It worked for Elon
– how can it work for you??
B5 Agile or Fragile – An Excuse
for Chaos with Snjezana Momic
C4 Is Your Product Behaving? 9 Ways
Behavioural Economics Can Help You
To Build, Message and Price Better
Products with Glen Holmes
D4 The Digital Communication
Evolution with Maurice Collins,
Oisin O’Connor and Bob Tait

6:00 PM – Awards Voting

6:30 PM – ProductParty & Awards

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